Create Your Own “Mini-Website”! It’s Free and Easy To Do!

YOU can have your own mini-website, called a Lens, and share your interests and expertise with the world.  IT’s FREE!  And it’s simple to do.
A major player on the internet has created Squidoo, and they invite you and me to create mini-websites, called Lenses, to share our interests and expertise with the WorldWideWeb. 
It’s really quite easy to do, and besides being FREE, you can also earn money with it.  Check an example out at, where I present a few short articles to help you learn to be a better gardener.  I’ve included such things as:
Hard-Times Gardening – Sustainable Without Fertilizers? 

Growing a Healthy Vegetable Garden Without Mineral Fertilizers – Being Prepared for a Really Bad Time, When You Might Not Be Able To Get Them

Grow Tomatoes Like a Pro – In only 10′ X 25′ You Can Produce 1,000# of Home-Grown Tomatoes!
Grow Tomatoes Like a Pro – Part 2 – Considering Costs – And Extending Your Harvest by an additional 50%!
Visit  You’ll be glad you did.
If you decide you’re interested in creating your own Lens you can help yourself and the Food For Everyone Foundation by going first to the Foundation’s lens above, or by going to this address to create your lens
If you decide to do this we will be happy to give you your choice of one of the digitally downloadable Mittleider gardening books, just for going through our lens to do it.
Consider becoming your own mini-website webmaster!  Remember, it costs NOTHING, and it will give you access to the world in a whole new way.
Jim Kennard, President
Food For Everyone Foundation