Future Year’s Garden Plan – Creating

Q.  How do I create a garden plan for a future calendar year? When I tried to create a garden plan for 2005, I specified Custom Freeze Dates, changed the freeze dates to 2005, and the program came back and told me the fall freeze date had to be later than the spring freeze date, even though I had 2005 on both dates. The only way I could go forward was to put both dates back to 2004. Does the program have a bug? Or was I doing something wrong?

A.  You must first change the first fall freeze date to 2005, exit by clicking OK and then return to change the last spring freeze date to 2005, and then click OK again. It must be done in this order, making two separate changes – sorry for the inconvenience.

Very Large Gardens – Using The Designer

Q.  I have a garden area of 90,000 square feet (over 2 acres) and when I try to fill it up with plants the Garden Master program won’t take all the plants. It says “unable to insert a line,” and if I persist it comes back with “is not a valid integer value.” What can I do to plan a very large garden?

A.  Dr. Ron Guymon and his programmers, who created the Garden Master, have researched this problem and found the following: “The garden size issue is due to memory allocation protocol used in Windows 9x (including 95, 98, and ME). Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this problem without a major overhaul and even that’s not certain — it’s the same problem you get when trying to run any large C++ program under these earlier versions of Windows.  It is for this reason that many companies including Sun are dropping Windows 9x support. Since your custom version of the CD allows multiple gardens, larger gardens may need to be broken up if users are running Windows 95, 98, or ME.”  According to Dr. Guymons instructions above, if you are running on Windows 95, 98, or ME, I recommend you just make something like 4 – ½ acre garden plots out of your two acre garden area. This may well work to your advantage anyway, as you will then have a more manageable sized-126 beds in each of 4 gardens. Success to you.

Registration No Fun – Why Do It?

Q.  I don’t like the registration process, why must I do it, and why is it so difficult?  Also, how do I read the manuals and other things?  And finally, my current garden is only 2 feet by 15 feet.  I can’t seem to get the program to allow me to plant plants.  Can I get my money back?

A.  Thanks for your comments. And please forgive us for our failure to please you in your first exposure to The Garden Master CD. Hopefully your comments will help us learn to do things better.Dr. Ron Guymon, the creator of the Garden Designer, has forwarded your note to me, and I would like to try and help you figure things out, if possible.Dr. Guymon is working on making the registration process easier. Our idea in including the 9 manuals on the CD was to give everyone a very nice “bonus” for registering as a customer, and the 3 that are available for you to access before registering are intended to help you see the value, so that you will want to register and receive the other 6. Perhaps we didn’t explain that adequately.Are you able to read the 3 manuals? If not, you will just need to install the Free Acrobat Reader that is on the CD. That makes it possible to read PDF files, including the books and lessons, as well as the manuals.With regard to your garden of 2′ X 15′, all you have to do is make all your aisle spaces “0”, and you will have a row in which to plant. Certainly the benefits of organizing and planning a garden are greatly minimized with one so small. I hope you or your family or neighbors have the opportunity of growing a bigger garden, so that you can benefit from the unique and valuable features of the Designer.The Designer portion of the CD took a brilliant PhD educator, who has trained many Fortune 500 staff people, 3 years and something like $100,000 to create. And while it isn’t perfect, I really believe it can be a terrific tool to help you and your family and friends avoid the mistakes that so frequently cause failure in the garden.The books and manuals sell in the paper version for about $70, and are the result of Dr. Mittleider’s 57 years’ experience all around the world, and the assistance of other PhD educators in their presentation. By using these materials you can be confident of having a garden that is the envy of your friends and neighbors. I am attaching a brief recap of just a few of the many success stories from around the world, of people whose lives have been changed by using these materials.You may not be aware of the standard practice in the industry regarding software returns. Because of the ability of anyone to copy the entire contents of a CD ROM disk, refunds are not given, however, if a product is defective it can be returned for replacement.  Please give the books, lessons, video snippets, and the Designer another chance, and don’t judge this material too harshly on the basis of your first look – particularly using the benefits to creating a 2′ X15′ garden as a criteria.

Can you help automate the gardening process?

Q. Can you help automate the gardening process?

A. If you would like to create or expand your garden and need help with decisions and automating the planning process, the Garden Wizard, available at www.growfood.com on the Software page, is a great tool!  Dr. Ron Guymon has devoted thousands of man hours over two and one half years to producing this multi-faceted tool for those who want help determining what, when, where, and how to plant, water, feed, etc.  It includes growing season helps for over 3,000 locations in the USA, as well as planting and feeding requirements for all common vegetable crops.

Another way to automate your gardening is to build a simple and effective watering system that will allow you to water quickly and efficiently while saving water.  The plans for this system are in Chapter 15 of the Mittleider Gardening Course – available at www.growfood.com on the Books page.  They can be seen free in the Store section as well.

What Size Boxes Recommended?

Q.  What size Grow-Box should I use? I have the original More Food From Your Garden, and the grow boxes are 5’x30′.  Now when I look on the website it says the boxes are 18″x30′.  Which is correct?  And why in the heck did you change the sizes?

A.  We grow in both 18″ wide and 4′ wide boxes now, but you can use any width you want.  Dr. Mittleider’s experience has just shown him that these two sizes work the best, for many reasons, which only 75 major projects and 38 years’ experience in 27 countries can teach.