Sawdust/Sand Mix – Problems with Termites or Wind?

Q.  Doesn’t using sawdust attract termites? Is sawdust the only planting medium that goes in the boxes? How do you keep it from blowing away?

A. Termites seem to like wood that has not already been chewed, as we have never had a problem with them taking up residence in the Grow-Box materials. On the other hand, if you don’t protect your wood frame by treating or painting, you may see some termite or other activity.

Four things prevent the sawdust from being blown away by the wind: 1) The walls of the Grow-Box on all sides protect it. 2) It is mixed with sand – with at
least 25% by volume being sand. 3) Daily watering keeps the mixture moist, and heavy enough that it won’t blow away. 4) Plant roots, stems, and leaves hold the material in place and protect against wind action.