Natural Minerals & High Brix Levels for Super Healthy Plants (and People!)

Q.  Your method of gardening seems to be most effective but what about the soil?  Don’t the chemical fertilizers kill the good bugs so that the soil becomes lifeless?

Q2.  How does your system measure up against the teachings of high brix levels?

A.  These are excellent – and very important – questions!

1)  The Mittleider Method of gardening DOES NOT kill the good bugs in the soil.  The amount of fertilizer salts applied to the soil is VERY SMALL – even much smaller than a typical application of manure by a family gardener using that as their source of plant nutrition.

Five applications (typical application for many single-crop varieties) of Mittleider Magic Weekly Feed contain about 2 1/4# of mineral salts.  That amount is applied to the soil of an 18″ X 30′-long soil-bed over a 6-8 week period, and is mixed with about 3,000# of soil.  All 13 natural mineral plant nutrients are represented in that 2 1/4# – not just nitrogen.

A single 2 1/2″-deep application of manure in the same 30′-long soil-bed would amount to about 10 cubic feet, would weigh a couple of hundred pounds, and would contain about 2# EACH of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash – PLUS another pound or so of other salts, INCLUDING sodium chloride, or table salt.

The manure is typically applied ALL AT ONCE, and often burns or even kills many of the small seedlings gardeners are trying so hard to grow.

2)  Vegetables and fruits grown using the Mittleider Method consistently have high brix levels.  One of the primary ingredients in plant sap that produce high brix levels is calcium, and Dr. Jacob Mittleider has always taught that “calcium is the FOUNDATION of a good feeding program”, while most other gardening regimens ignore orseriously underestimate the importance of adding calcium to the soil.

In addition to the calcium, Mittleider Method-fed vegetables have a constant supply of tiny amounts of ALL 13 natural mineral plant nutrients.  They are watered consistently and often, and these are the reasons they are SO healthy, SO tasty, and SO disease and bug resistant.

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