How Do I ind and Mix Fertilizers to Get The Mittleider Mix?


I’m not finding the nutrients we need as easily as I’d hoped. Does Mittleider sell these or can someone suggest the best way for me to find the components. The Boron (Borax) and Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) were easy, but not the others. Home Depot is trying to help us, but say that they will never be able to sell the Ammonium Nitrate because they don’t have a license.

Thanks, Linda


Linda & Group:

Yes, you can get part of the nutrients from the Foundation.  Micro-Nutrients are sold at in the Store section.

For the Macro-Nutrients you can use any nutrients that you can find, so long as you are able to see the percentages on the bags.

What you want to end up with is 13-8-13, after you’ve added everything.  You could start with Ammonium Sulfate, which is 21-0-0, add some 18-46-0, and then some 0-0-60, and you could have just what you need.  I’ll give you an example of those three, plus Magnesium Sulfate, etc.

                                                            To Buy                        Nitrogen         Phosphorus     Potassium

21-0-0                                                 13#                                 2.8#                     0                     0

18-46-0                                                  4.5#                                .8#                     2.1#                0

0-0-60                                                    6#                                   0                        0                   3.6

TOTALS         23.5#                              3.6#                     2.1#              3.6#


Magnesium Sulfate                                   3#

Micro-Nutrients                                        .5#

TOTAL WEIGHT        27#                                  13%                         8%             13%

Any of you can do this for yourselves.  It’s not that tough, and I have more examples in a longer article in the FAQ section of the website at

Jim Kennard