High Brix Gardening Simplified

Q.   I am looking for information on the High Brix gardening technique.  It sounds like it is compatable with your method. Perhaps it focuses more on trace minerals.  See the Highbrixgardens.com.  Do you have any info on Brix?
A.  The gentleman you cite has a very complex and difficult formula to achieve high brix vegetables in the garden.
The Mittleider Method gives you high brix vegetables and fruits consistently, and without waiting two or three years to build up the soil.
Much of what he says has merit, but achieving the desired results is SO MUCH EASIER than he makes it.  Foliar sprays are not necessary, except in extreme situations.  And the fertilizer regimen is something else!


Applying the Pre-Plant mix of calcium, magnesium, and boron does the job for the important “Foundation” nutrient.  And weekly feeding with the balanced Weekly Feed nutrient mix keeps the plants growing fast and healthy.
It feels as if someone is selling lots of fancy items, when all you need is the basic fertilizer formulas.
Of course sunlight, watering, and eliminating weeds are also essential.  However, with all the complexity he puts into everything else, it would be nice if he made watering simple by watering in level, ridged beds daily, instead of dealing with composts, etc., etc.  And weeding would be taken care of much better, easier, and cheaper by putting a 2-way hoe in your hands.