Fertilizers With Sulfur – OK to Use In Mittleider Magic Formulas?

Q.  What’s the significance of the 11% sulfur in 34-0-0-11S fertilizer? Does it make a difference to us using the Mittleider method?

A.  Many common compounds used as fertilizer sources contain sulfur, including nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, and copper. If sulfur is included you’ll see the term “sulfate”.

Sulfur is an essential plant nutrient, and is listed, along with calcium and
magnesium as a “secondary” nutrient. Plants use fairly large amounts of it.

However, sulfur lowers pH, so if you live in a high rainfall area with low pH you may want to find materials without sulfur for some of your elements. Good examples of alternative materials to use if you have this condition include magnesium oxide and potassium chloride.

Jim Kennard