Mixing Mittleider Fertilizers to Avoid Them Getting Wet or Hard

Q.   I’m told that when mixing the Weekly Feed formula there is a sequence of mixing that will counteract the natural water retention of chemicals, and thereby clumping.   If there is a sequence of mixing that will minimize the fertilizer getting wet or clumping, what is it?

A.  All the compounds used in fertilizers have oxygen in them, and several have hydrogen as well. A good example of one that actually has water in it is Epsom Salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, which has a formula of MgSO4(7H2O). This means that there are 7 parts of water in suspension with each part
of magnesium.

Both heat and mixing of the various compounds together lower the “melting point”, and so the goal in mixing is to avoid both of those conditions.  Mixing in a cool dry place with shovels is a good way to minimize the risk of your materials getting wet.

Another thing to do is to put the magnesium sulfate in last, after mixing the other ingredients.

Jim Kennard