Jacob Mittleider’s Last Garden – redlands, California 2005

Q.  I saw a picture in the YahooGroups MittleiderMethodGardeningGroup Photo file named: Mitts Tomatoes 2005. Those were the most beautiful tomato plants I have ever seen.

What I would like to know is, were they grown next to a fence and tied off to make them so tall and straight?  I didn’t see any tomato cages or stakes.  We are building box gardens this year and I really want my tomato plants to look like Mitts.  Also can anyone tell me what mixture to use in my boxes.

A.  The tomatoes were grown under T-Frames and guided up baling twine strings.

The soil mixture we used was sawdust and sand (I helped Dr. Mittleider with building and filling the boxes).

Jim Kennard