Heirloom or Hybrid? What Heirloom Seeds Should I Look For?

Q.  I want to be able to harvest seeds from my vegetables and count on the next generation being the same.  Please list some heirloom seeds for each of the common vegetables, so I can look for and plant them.

A.  Here’s a small list of heirloom seeds that have been proven to be good eating and productive.  There are many hybrids that are better, but these are good.

Beans – Kentucky Wonder Brown Pole                                                                   Beets – Detroit Dark Red                                                                                      Cabbage – Golden Acre                                                                                        Carrots – Scarlet Nantes                                                                                              Corn – Golden Bantam                                                                                          Cucumber – Marketmore 76                                                                                  Lettuce – Romaine                                                                                                       Onion – Utah Sweet Spanish                                                                                      Pea – Lincoln                                                                                                                Pepper – Yolo Wonder                                                                                             Radish – Champion                                                                                                 Spinach – Bloomsdale Long-Standing                                                                   Swiss Chard – Lucullus                                                                                            Tomato – Ace 55 VF                                                                                                  Winter Squash – Waltham Butternut

All of the above are contained in a #10 can, triple sealed, that’s available from the Food For Everyone Foundation in the Store section, and if kept cool and dry these seeds will remain viable for many years.  Buy this and then use hybrids without worry about growing your own seeds.