Growing Tomatoes Vertically? Pinch off the Suckers!

Q.  I was wondering if it is true that your supposed to pinch off the “suckers” from tomato plants? Where are they on the plant?
A.  If you want to maximize your production of tomatoes in a given space, then grow your plants vertically by tying them to stakes or guiding them up strings using T-Frames. and pipe or wires between the stakes (our favorite method).
Pinching off the suckers gives you one or two strong healthy stems with 15-30# of fruit on one plant in a growing season, and the fruit is not ruined by bugs, disease, moisture, or foot traffic.
The suckers grow at the point where each leaf frows out of the main stem, and they look like a new growing tip or terminal bud.  Pinch them off early, so the plant doesn’t waste energy growing excess material, and you will be amazed at your production.