Drastic Crop Rotation – Change the Entire Location Every Year – Good Idea??

Q.  My husband said you should change the location of  your vegetable garden every year.  Is this correct?

A.  This idea is impractical and unnecessary.  Most family garden areas are too small to even rotate crops adequately, much less having the space to move the entire garden to a new location.

If you maintain a clean, weed-free garden, grow your crops fast, harvest at peak maturity, and don’t introduce diseases into your garden, you should be able to grow indefinitely in the same garden spot.

If one or more crops are over-run with pests or disease, you may need to avoid planting that crop for a year or more, unless you have a large enough area that you can move that crop some distance away, where the disease or bugs that have wintered over won’t get to them.