Blossom-End Rot – Cause and Cure

Q.  I’m having a problem with blossom- end Rot. The great state of Ohio receives more than 20 inches of rain.  So I of course before the growing season I Limed Up.  But now I’m still having this problem. Should I apply more lime to stop this problem? I water once a week, since It rains almost every week here. 

A.  We recommend you water your tomatoes at least daily in hot weather! They must transpire to keep reasonably cool, and they use up to 95% of the water they receive to do this.

Blossom-end rot is caused by stress and/or lack of calcium, and maybe lack of boron.  We believe that the stress of uneven watering may influence the plant’s ability to up-take and use calcium as needed, even though there may be adequate calcium available.

The uneven watering you are doing is a sure recipe for problems in this area, and I’d begin immediately to water daily.   If the problem persists, apply some Pre-Plant (which has both calcium and boron).

Jim Kennard