You Can Teach the Mittleider Method ! Give Seminars Using The Foundation’s Materials.

The Tremendous body of knowledge that is the Mittleider Method needs to be spread to every family who is a candidate for growing a vegetable garden!  Do you agree?  Or do you have too little experience to decide just yet.  If you’re in that category I recommend you read this anyway, and consider getting the videos I’ll describe – for your own education and enjoyment.
I am happy to conduct 1/2-day Gardening Seminars for large groups anywhere throughout the Spring season, so long as I have the time and my costs are covered.  Many of you have hosted me, and I believe it’s been a highly productive and pleasant experience for everyone who’s attended.  If you have a large group that wants me, I recommend you begin now to schedule a time.
But I can only be a few places in the course of a Spring season, and there are thousands of you in locations I can’t get to who could benefit yourselves and your neighbors with a 1/2-day seminar.  WHY NOT CONDUCT ONE (or a few!) YOURSELVES!!!
The Foundation has 2 Power Point presentations, one for large gardens and one for small gardens – each about 2 hours long, with written scripts that could be read and presented using a computer and projector. I also have outlined in detail the garden part of the seminar – where everyone gets their hands in the soil and learns how to make a bed, plant seeds and seedlings properly, and even build and erect T-Frames.
In addition, I have a copy of a 2 1/2-hour classroom presentation I conducted in Manti, Utah, which I have permission to duplicate, and which I believe could be very instructive, and could either be the thing used, or at least could teach you how to do it, and how to answer questions that are posed by those in attendance.
Is anyone interested?  I would LOVE to see several hundred of you – preferably those who have enough experience yourselves that you can feel confident in what you are saying and showing – take these materials and teach your neighbors and friends, church members or garden club members, and have thousands of families experience “a great garden in any soil, and in any climate” this year.
Please give me your feedback.  I’ll have to charge a little something for the CD’s, but if enough of you want them, I believe all three could be had for under $30 plus shipping.  Also, for anyone who promises to share their expertise by conducting seminars for others, I will make the Mittleider Gardening Library CD and the Garden Master CD available for $40 and $20, instead of the regular bargain prices of $69.95 and $29.95.  Read the descriptions at
Thanks for your interest and support of sound gardening principles and procedures.  Let’s all have a great gardening year, and spread it around!
Jim Kennard, President
Food For Everyone Foundation
“Teaching the world to grow food one family at a time.”
The Mittleider Gardening books and Manuals teach all you need to know about this subject, and can be purchased in the Store section, or as digital downloads. 

A digital copy costs 30-40% less, and is available instantly!  I HIGHLY recommend you look here for the best gardening books available anywhere!  Get one NOW and be gardening TODAY


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