Wood For Grow-Boxes

Q.  I am a bit confused about what type of wood to use for my grow boxes. I was told by some one that I should coat the inside of my grow box with Asphalt Emulsion to keep the moisture from getting into the wood. Is this true?

A.  Check to be sure there is no creosote, or other harmful material in anything used for painting the inside of your Grow-Boxes.  Painting both inside and outside will help preserve the boxes, and I have seen boxes in continuous use for 25 years in Dr. Mittleider’s own garden.

If using treated lumber, make certain it does not contain harmful substances as well.  Most people use pine or other inexpensive lumber, and then paint it.

Bricks and cinder blocks, as well as other materials, have also been used successfully.  It is best to use mortor, to give the walls strength, if bricks or blocks are used.

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