Self-Mixed Fertilizer not dissolving?

Q.  The fertilizer I made isn’t dissolving:  it’s  10-10-10 fertilizer.  Is this the wrong kind of fertilizer?  Maybe some slow-release type?  Should I try again to find another fertilizer?
A.  Remember that 10-10-10 means you only have 30% total fertilizer, including N,P, and K in the bag, and the other 70% is just a neutral material.  It is highly likely that you are seeing the 70% still sitting on the surface of the ground, and that the 30% of NPK is getting to your plant roots just fine.  Unless the bag specifies that it is a Slow-release fertilizer, don’t worry about it.  By the way, we do not need slow-release fertilizers, so don’t pay the high prices for them.