Build Grow-Boxes From Old Tires – They Last “Forever” and They’re Free

Group:  Joe – kindly shared with us his experience making Grow-Boxes out of old tires.  I believe this has merit, and perhaps some of you who want to use Grow-Boxes will want to save this set of instructions against the time you need it.  It’s just another way of doing container gardening. Thanks Joe!
“Hope this will help someone.  In our area we had hurricanes this past year, and lumber is terribly expensive, so we just had to have an alternative.  The tires are not my original idea.  You can learn more at the Robert Noble Foundation website  And some good pictures – also from the same website, are
Here’s how to make Grow-Boxes using old tires.
1) Get some free 15″ tires that are all same size.
2) Cut the sidewalls off with a sharp knife or jigsaw. 
3) Cut all the way across tire with a hacksaw. 
4) Lay tire over work area thread side up.
5) Take another tire and slide 6″ under end of first tire. 
6) Screw sheet metal screws into the 6″ overlap, 1″ in from each corner.
7) Continue on till you have the length tire board you want (over 30′ does not stretch correctly). 
8) Leave enough on each end to fold back over tire (make a tight fold back but leave space to slide in a piece of 5/8″ rebar).
9) From another tire thread cut some 6″ wide pieces.
10) Starting from fold back on the tire board, measure and mark at 18″ intervals,  all the way to the other end.
11) On thread side at these marks center and screw the 6″ pieces with sheet metal screws, 1″ in from each side and centered from top to bottom. 
12) Stretch a tight string 1′ high and length of box – plus 2′ more on each end .
13) Drive 1 piece of 5/8″ X 36″ rebar into ground at starting point of grow box. 
14) slide board end loop over post, being sure that thread, with patches face out.  Later it will be easy to replace if necessary. 
15) Push 2 pieces of rebar into ground at 3′ intervals and 1″ outside string.  Slanting the rebar away from string thus creating a wedge to hold tire on edge.
16) At loose end of board slide the 10″ piece of rebar through loop.
17) Straight in line with string, put temporary post in ground inclined away from the box and 6 to 7 feet from the end of the Grow-Box.
18) Make sling to go around ends of 10″ rebar. 
19) Connect one end of come-a-long through loop you just created. 
20) Attach other end of come-a-long to incline post  that is 6-7 feet away but in line with where end of stretched tire board will be. 
22) Drive one 18″ piece of rebar down between each of the outside 6″ tire pieces and tire board thus anchoring the grow box side every 18″. 
23) When you reach the end remove come-a-long and the piece of 10″ rebar. 
24) Slip corner post through loop and drive rebar into ground. 
25) Make other side of grow box the same way.  
26) Cut one more tire. Use as is (after cutting to fit) and loop from inside end of one tire board to the inside end of the other tire board.
Parts; Sheet metal screws – tires – Rebar – 3/8″ X 18″ Stakes for every 18 inches,  5/8 X 36″ – 4 corner posts, 5/8 X 10 – 1 for stretching tire board – String and stakes to stretch line where box side will be.
Happy gardening. Joe