Availability of Fertilizers

Q.  My daughter who lives in Albuquerque would like to garden using the Mittleider method.  Do you know of a source of the mitleider fertilizer mix in that city.  I assume she could have it mailed from Utah, or go to a commercial fertilizer outlet there and have them compound to meet the specifications.
A.  To all who live outside of Utah and Idaho, there are several possibilities for getting fertilizer.  I’ll give them in the order I would consider them to be best.  You may feel differently.
Pre-plant can quite easily be mixed with lime or gypsum you can find everywhere, along with epsom salt and borax – per the formula on the website or in the books.
For Weekly Feed:
1.  Order the Micro-Mix from the Foundation website, then mix it with materials that are available everywhere – at least in America, per the directions on the package.
2.  Follow the instructions in several of the books for the short-term alternative Weekly Feed, which again can almost always be found where you live.
3.  Buy from Steve Regan Company in SLC, Utah – from off the website – and pay the high price for shipping the heavy bags.
4.  Look for Peters Professional Pete Lite fertilizer.  This is a good alternative to Weekly Feed – at least for the short term.  It is sold in 25# bags for less than $20.  Someone might even call or write the Company and find out distributors in your states, etc. and then post the info to the Group.
5.  Buy the materials and mix your own Weekly Feed from the formulas on the web and in the books.  For the large gardener or commercial grower, this is very viable, and many are doing it.  But for the small home gardener it will only work if you get together with others.