Are Heavy Rains a Problem for my Plants?

Q.  I live in Southern Ontario,Canada. We at times get much rain, and at times no rain for weeks.Will heavy rains do any damage to the growing of plants in the “Mittleider Method” ?
A.   Heavy rains will not be a problem in the Mittleider Method.  In fact the Grow-Beds, or Soil-Beds, as well as the Grow-Boxes, are designed for proper drainage, so that plants will not be drowned in heavy rains.  The only thing needing to be done during those times is to leave the ends of the beds open, so water does not stand in the beds.
If you receive hard pounding rains, they may damage some of your plants.  If this is a common occurrance, you may want to prepare covers for the plants, to protect them.  The “Mini-Greenhouses” work well for short plants, and the “Greenhouse-in-the-garden”, using arched PVC over T-Frames and covered with plastic, will give protection to your tall-growing and vining plants.
More information on those procedures is found in the sectionon Extending your Growing Season,