Applying Fertilizers to the Leaves of Vegetable Plants – Good Idea?

Q.  Can I dissolve the Mittleider Plant Food, put it in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the vegetables?    Can you give me the amount of fertilizer to water?
A.  Yes, you could do that – it’s called foliar feeding, but a much better use would be to put it where the roots can take it to the plant.  Roots are far better than leaves at introducing minerals to the plant. 
Occasionally in Field Cropping, where it’s impractical to get fertilizers to the plant roots quickly, farmers will spray the leaves – especially if they see a deficiency in a particular nutrient that must be corrected immediately in order not to lose a crop.
A nutrient deficiency will be rare in a Mittleider garden, because you are feeding your plants a balanced nutrient mix.  In the rare case of a deficiency, look in the Garden Doctor books to identify the problem quickly, and then follow the corrective treatment instructions and apply the dry nutrient to the soil-bed 4″ from the plant stems, and water it in.
If the plants are in need of a quick shot of everything, dissolve 1 ounce of Weekly Feed Mix in 3 gallons of water and water the plants with that mixture.  But remember that it’s better to keep up with your weekly feeding, and you shouldn’t need the extra feeding.