Weekly Watering – Often Enough?

Q.  I am going to try the Mitleider method this year.  Watering is done by irrigation once a week.  Is this alright? Is there anything different I should do?
A.  No matter what “Method” you use, plants need constant moisture, and must have it or they die.  In the arid West, irrigation turns on a weekly basis were the best farmers could do, and so their plants had to grow very long, deep root systems to follow the water table down between irrigation turns.
That takes a great deal of energy and time away from producing top growth, including leaves and fruit, but if that is the best you can do, you’ll have to live with it.
Ideally, watering should be done before the soil dries out.  Constant moisture in the soil at the root level is necessary for healthy plants.  However, soggy soil for any length of time can drown your plants, so use the raised – ridged soil-beds, and make them level, then water as often as necessary to maintain moisture in the soil.