Feeding Plants in the Water? How and When?

Q. Can I mix the fertilizers with water and use that to feed my plants?  How do I do it?  And when is it appropriate?  One other thought – my watering method is the PVC with the tiny (#57)hole.  If this method is used, since there is very little contact with a dry mix, Will the PVC method the use of a liquid feed?

A.  The simplest way to water your garden with pressure is to do it from your
normal water source – through the PVC pipes, with3 holes every 4 inches.
The easiest way – in most cases – to feed your garden is to apply the dry
mineral nutrient granular mixture right down the middle of your bed or box,
and let the water from the PVC pipes dissolve it into the soil.

The Weekly Feed can be mixed with water at the rate of 16 ounces in 55 gallons of water, 10 ounces in 30 gallons, or 4 ounces in 50 liters of water and used as a “constant-feed” solution.  This is usually done for feeding and watering seedlings in a greenhouse environment.

It can and has been used in the garden, and even in the open field, with
excellent success, but you have to know the volume of water you are
applying, and it needs to be applied just at the plant root area – not
flooded in the aisles – otherwise you are wasting water and fertilizer, and
feeding the weeds.

If you want to go to the trouble of watering your garden from containers it will work, but is generally much easier the other way.

I know of a 3 acre garden with a concrete holding tank where we successfully metered the minerals into the water, and had outstanding results, so it can be done in the right circumstances.