Where can I get the Mittleider natural mineral fertilizers?

If you live in the Salt Lake City area, you can get the Mittleider Magic fertilizers already mixed in 20# bags at Sutherlands on Redwood Road and North Temple, at Western Garden stores, at Mineral Fertilizer Company, on 7300 South and 600 West, or from me, near the Hogle Zoo. Linden Nursery has them as well, in Utah County. Steve Regan Company ships all over the country. call (800) 888-4545 and ask for Henry.

If you have a big enough garden to justify mixing your own ingredients, you should also call Steve Regan Company and ask for Henry, at (800) 888-4545.

We provide the micro-nutrients pre-packaged in an amount to be mixed with 20# of 16-16-16 or similar, plus 3# of Epsom Salt, to give a close approximation of the Weekly Feed formula.