What is going on with my green peppers? We moved our garden to a cleared spot in a wooded area and they look good but are just not producing fruit. Am I over fertilizing? What can I do?

You mentioned a cleared spot in a wooded area – are your peppers getting 8-12 hours of full sun every day? That is essential for starters – not just for peppers, but for any fruit-bearing plant.

You also mentioned that the plants look good but aren’t producing fruit. That is likely a lack of one or more nutrients, or an imbalance of nutrients, rather than too much nutrients. What most often happens is that too much nitrogen is used without the proper amounts of other needed nutrients. This can cause a lush green, often soft, plant with little or no fruit.

Plants need 16 nutrients, 3 of which are supplied in the air. The other 13 must come from the soil or from man. Most soils are depleted, the result of thousands of years of leaching from rain, snow, crop removal, etc., so we need to put back water-soluble mineral nutrients in the right amounts to assure good vegetable crops.

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