Soaker Hoses – As good as PVC? How about Sprinkling?

Q.  Won’t soaker hoses work as well as PVC for automating my watering?  And sprinkling is easiest of all, why not just sprinkle everything?
A.  Problems with drip or soaker-hose irrigation include: 1) Water must be left on for long periods of time; 2) There is no way of knowing how much water (too much or too little) is being applied; 3) the hose on the ground makes it difficult to weed; 4) the hose, being on the ground with the weeds, gets damaged in the weeding process; 5) dirt sometimes plugs the holes, making it inefficient. 6) hoses become brittle and have to be replaced 7) soaker hoses generally cost more than PVC. 
Drilled PVC pipes will last a LONG TIME if cared for decently.  I am aware of 26 year-old pipes still working well.  The pipe is off the ground, so it’s not in the way of weeds, and there’s no back-flushing.  Watering is quick – only 2-3 minutes per bed.  No water is wasted, because you know how much is applied.  The straight, rigid pipe can be lifted out of the Grow-Bed in seconds, if necessary for weeding, etc.  It is less expensive, and available most places in the world.
Sprinkling: 1) wastes a great deal of water to evaporation, and by watering everything in the garden; 2) weeds grow anywhere water is applied, therefore weeding is greatly increased; 3) increased weeds rob vegetables of necessary nutrients, reducing the crop;  4) weeds compete with vegetables for light, further reducing the crop; 5) water on plant leaves encourages fungus diseases; 6) bugs, snails & slugs proliferate in the wet environment.