Fertilizers – Liquid

Fertilizers – Liquid

Q. My wife came to your class in St. George, Utah (I was out of town on business, sorry I missed such a good class) and we had one question. You talked about using the Mittleider product in a liquid form. How do we go about doing that?

A. It is very simple to use Mittleider Magic Weekly Feed fertilizer in liquid form. If you are using it on houseplants, just mix 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) with 3 gallons of water, and use every time you water your plants. For growing more plants, such as in a seedling greenhouse, use 9 ounces for 30 gallons of water, or 16 ounces for a 55-gallon drum. This is called the “constant feed solution,” and is used every time you water.

Since the Mittleider formula is not instantly water soluble, you should put the fertilizer in the water several hours – over night if possible – before using it. The way this is done in the greenhouse is by putting the measured amount of fertilizer in a small bucket of water, letting it sit overnight, adding to a barrel of fresh water (no residual fertilizer), stirring well, and then using

If you plan to feed your plants in the garden as you water them, you will need a flow-meter, or some other means of determining the volume of water you are applying. You will then put the fertilizers in the water in the ratio of 30 ounces per 100 gallons of water.

Since about 53% of the fertilizer is inert ingredients, most of which are not water-soluble, you will need to strain it carefully if using in a hydroponic or other watering system with small orifices. Failure to filter the materials carefully will result in clogged feeding lines.