Bad Soil – Can The Mittleider Method Help?

Q.  The soil here in my area is not very good for growing, but I have had some success with a lot of work. Can The Mittleider Method help me?

A.  The quality of your soil will not keep you from having a good garden, if you follow the procedures outlined on the website and in Dr. Mittleider’s books and videos, and if you feed your plants properly. A little natural mineral nutrient fertilizer goes a long way to solving the worst soil problems.You may want to get a packet or two of pre-mixed micro-nutrients from Food For Everyone, so that you don’t have to search for them individually. We ship an 8 ½ ounce packet that is mixed with 20# of 16-16-16, or whatever similar mix is available at your nursery or farm supply store, plus 3# of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) that you can get at any drug store. The Micro Mix is $9.95 for two packets plus shipping. It is the surest and easiest way to assure you have the nutrients you need.