Automated Watering – Length of Beds

Automated Watering – Bed Lengths

Q. I have 2 – 66′ grow boxes and 3 – 32′ ones. Do you think I can do the PVC water pipe with the #57 drilled holes for the whole 66 ft?  Or should the pipe be enlarged to 1″?

A. Grow-Boxes 66’ long will very likely be hard to water.  Most water will come out in the first 30’.  It is also a very long walk to get to the other side, if you have it full of tall plants.  You will have better success if you make two boxes by placing a 4’ or 5’ aisle in the middle.

Depending on your volume and water pressure, and if the water is clean, you might be able to have some success at that length if you use a #58 drill bit for holes in the first 1/2 of the box and a 1/16th” bit for the last half.  Again depending on the water source, if you have sufficient volume, a 1″ pipe might work, but we can’t recommend it.

Over the years, we have settled on 30′ because it is a good length to water, it isn’t too long to get around, and fertilizer application is standardized at 16 ounces per bed.